Klade: Klade is a hot headed but well meaning and kind young man who has, since birth, had all odds stacked against him. Despite this and a bumpy couple of recent years, Klade is ready to make amends with people he’s hurt and to find out the truth about his unusual circumstances.

Shono: Shono is a cheerful and energetic girl that has lots of love to give. But her demeanor hides a person that is jaded from horrible visions of grim futures and violent deaths, of losing those closest to her. Is she doomed to just watch her relationships crash and burn, or can she user her visions to her advantage?

Lindsey: The opposite of „a pleasure to be around“ Lindsey is passive aggressive and downright mean if you get off on the wrong foot with him. Consumed by guilt his whole life about being responsible for the death of his younger brother, he has turned to several unhealthy coping mechanisms. He wants to get better, but how?

Saturn: A tall and mysterious woman with almost floor length hair. Saturn thinks very little of herself, thanks in part to her mother, who raised her to be nothing more than an obedient dog. Now that Saturn is an adult, will she finally have the chance to find out who she, as a person, really is?

Hakim: An example of the true nightmare that mind reading can be. He can hear the thoughts of everyone around him, and with time the disgusting things people keep in their mind have left him horrified of the outside world and the people in it. He doesn’t want to leave his small apartment, and has so successfully for the last 3 years.

Johanna: Blessed with the ability to heal others through faith in herself alone, She has a very narrow minded but ultimately noble goal: Help people. Even if they don’t know they need help, even if they think it’s too late for them to get better. She can be overbearing and won’t let you indulge in the negatives of your life; but she only means well.

Ryan: A world famous pop idol with a distain for the profession. Growing up with 4 siblings all she ever wanted was attention, but when she finally got it and the entire world has her eyes on her, expecting her to look and act and sing and dance a certain way, She has a crisis about what it is she really wants.

Nea: Growing up in a small town as an only child Nea has always felt isolated. He never got along with his parents, being a typical rebellious teenager. Now, an adult and living halfway across the world, hoping to re-invent himself completely, the only part of his past that remains is his jewelery and the yearning for a certain girl.

Gavin: An accidental child, Gavin had very little expectations to live up too, but those he exceeded by multiple landslides. Extremely intelligent and with a photographic memory, Gavin gets his doctorate with 20, providing him endless possibilities. It’s when he meets his boss at his first real job that his previously crushed dream of having a family also has the potential to be fulfilled.

Melody: An intensely ambitious, competitive, secretive and sadistic woman that has lived several lives.