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Shono Hisakawa

BIRTHDAY: 22nd November 1998
AGE: 21
ZODIAC: Sagittarius Sun | Pisces Moon | Gemini Rising
GENDER: Female, she/her
SEXUALITY: Unlabeled


HEIGHT: 174cm
WEIGHT: 67kg
NATIONALITY: German/Russian
ETHNICITY: Russian/Japanese


LIKES: Surprises
DISLIKES: Hypocrisy

Facts About Shono!:

  • She is a girl
  • She has Marcus Gunn Jaw Winking Syndrome on her right eye
  • Trivia:

  • Her outfit is (mostly) based on clothes I have in real life
  • Backstory

    Shono was born in a small far eastern Russian Village to two loving Parents, Her mother, japanese, a dedicated painter and her father, russian, studying the volcanoes that dot the landscape.

    When it was just her parents, Shonos Mother sat outside and prayed for a child, vowing to give it the love she and affection she hasn’t recieved from her own mother. Shortly there after, or 9 months later, Shono Hisakawa was born. A gift.

    As Shono grew into her pink hair and bright blue eyes it was clear to her mother that this wasn’t a normal baby; Shono had been given the ability to travel between the „real world“ and the „dream world“, along with seemingly random visions of the future.

    Shono, now in her pre-teens laments her powers, seemingly cursed to see the horrific fates of those she loved most and refusing to talk to anyone but her parents.Not wanting Shono to become a recluse and in hopes of sharpening her social skills she is, with her approval, sent to her fathers relatives in Germany, settling in a little city called Bad Kreuznach.

    Her first day of school is no easy task, as she is immediately ridiculed because of her Marcus Gunn Jaw Winking syndrome, resulting in her wearing an eyepatch on the affected eye for the next couple of years.

    She meets Klade, Amari and Olive and the three, already an established friendgroup, take Shono under their wing. Her highschool years have some ups and some downs, but are mostly spent trying to figure out Klade. She never had visions around him and trying to visit his dream world was an impossible task. There is something different about him.

    The second semester of 11th grade starts, and Klade doesn’t show up to school anymore. He never comes back and even at Graduation there is not a sight of him. Shono has her suspicions, but so does everyone else.

    It would take 3 years for Shono and Klade to reunite, but he still refuses to talk about what happened. He helps Shono move into her new Apartment, one she shares with roommate Chrys. Once the last box is brought into the Apartment, her Neighbors introduce themselves; Lindsey and Irene, Irene being an old Friend from highschool who is ecstatic to see Shono and Klade,
    and Lindsey being slightly more mysterious, something that Intrigues Shono very much.