Name: Nea Rivera
Birthday: 23rd February
Zodiac: Pisces
Age: 23
Gender: Male he/him
Sexuality: Straight
Religion: Mahayana

Height: 177cm
Weight: 74,8kg
Nationality: Indian
Ethnicity: Sri Lankan/

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About Nea

Growing up in a small town as an only child Nea has always felt isolated, being a typical rebellious teenager. Now, an adult and living halfway across the world a certain long haired girl serves as a constant reminder of a past he would rather forget.


Neas Moral Alignment is Neutral Good.


Nea was raised in a small village in the south and on the west coast of India. He dealt with an awful, cruel and vindictive father, who made Neas life a living hell. On the surface, Nea was an "impossible" and "violent" child, but he merely had to adapt to his surroundings. Nea found solace in the Internet and emo/scene culture, making it a huge part of his personality to the point most of his face was covered in piercings. The only time him and his father got along is when they worked together at the family owned photography studio, where Nea honed his skills for a craft he despised.


Nea accepted a Photography job in Germany, and left his home and family in India, after years of expert planning, making sure he would never be found by any of them again. On the second leg of his journey to Frankfurt, he met Lindsey, who was flying back from London. Nea, who exhausted from almost 24 non-stop hours of travel, almost missed his flight when Lindsey kindly woke him up at the Gate. Another brief missunderstanding between the two had them sitting next to each other on the relatively short flight. Reaching the wrong airport, Nea believes he is done for good, stuck in an unfamiliar country with no way to his apartment, having missed the last shuttle bus back. However so did Lindsey, and the two got to talking, eventually reaching the big city in the morning together.

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Name Relationship Titles
Klade Good friends, not best friends because of their differing relationship with Lindsey Planets Apart
Shono In the same friend circles. Let's Keep Dreaming
Lindsey Extremely close friends Here's My EP
Saturn Best Friends since Childhood. He has/had a crush on her. Beach Best Friends
Hakim Gets along well with him. Handsome Duo
Johanna Likes her. People Who Need Help Don't Always Want It
Ryan Dating in a Relationship, Loves her alot In Sickness And In Health
Gavin --- I Know Her Better
Melody --- I Trust You
Irene Cares about her so much, basically adopts her as his daughter. Found Family