Name: Lindsey Ian Matulis
Birthday: 31st Oct. 1997
Zodiac: Scorpio
Age: 22
Gender: Nonbinary he/him
Sexuality: Aromantic
Religion: Ren. Catholic

Height: 179,5cm
Weight: 89kg
Nationality: German
Ethnicity: German/

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About Lindsey

Lindsey is passive aggressive and downright mean if you get off on the wrong foot with him. Consumed by guilt his whole life about being a bad brother and an even worse son, he has turned to several unhealthy coping mechanisms. He wants to get better, but how?

He works at H&M to pay for rent and weed. He is in a band but too embarassed to actually attempt to get famous. But this isn't as embarassing as his love for musical theater. He denies this, but his goal is to be on broadway. In any way, shape or form.


Lindseys Moral Alignment is Lawful Evil. He has a passion for humanities, one he developed out of spite; Father? Lawyer. Mother? Surgeon. Brother? Studying Physics. He spends each day trying not to fall into the abyss, still unsure of what it is that even keeps him going anymore.


Lindsey is always feeling some kind of discomfort: Either he ate too much, his stomach hurts, he has a headache, hes tired, there seems to be no winning for him. A binge eating disorder caused him to gain a significant amount of weight in a short time, something he is slowly having to come to terms with.




Authors Notes



Name Relationship Titles
Klade 👪 Heavily Dislikes , Klade is Lindeys cousin. Re-Found family
Shono Very good friends Situationship
Saturn 👪 Hang out sometimes, get along well, Saturn is Lindseys cousin. Sorry About Your Brother Dying
Hakim Only meet in huge group outings. Hi
Johanna Best Friends since highschool. I Wish You'd Never Left
Ryan Friends through Nea. Lets Discuss Music
Nea Extremely Close friends, had a brief sexual encounter. Here's My EP
Gavin 👪 Respects and admires him, Gavin is Lindseys Uncle You're A Lot Like Him
Melody 👪 They go on a several month long drug bender together, Melody is Lindseys aunt. I'm Glad You're Here
Irene Protective of her, Irene is Lindseys roommate. Lets Watch The News