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Lindsey Matulis

BIRTHDAY: 31st October 1997
AGE: 22
ZODIAC: Scorpio Sun | Cancer Moon | Virgo Rising
GENDER: Non-Binary, he/him
SEXUALITY: Aromantic


HEIGHT: 179,5cm
WEIGHT: 89kg
ETHNICITY: German/Estonian
RELIGION: Renounced Catholic


BEHAVIOUR: Mean, passive aggressive, generous
LIKES: Making music, theater

Facts About Lindsey:

  • He is in a band/founded the band "lenseflaire", check them out on Tumblr! No real music (yet) unfortunately!
    I mean, use your imagination, do I have to do everything?!
  • He actually has horrible eyesight, but he wears contact lenses. His glasses are small and rectangular with a white rim.
  • The smiley patches on his shoes reflect his current mood. How? I don't know.
  • He used to have his earlobes pierced too, but he always forgot to wear them so they grew shut.
  • Trivia

  • He is named after Lindsey McDonald from Angel
  • Backstory

    Lindsey grew up with two Parents and a younger brother in the outskirts of a medium sized town. The families life is turned up-side down when the two brothers disapear one night, with only one of them returning. Lindsey can't remember anything. He doesn't want to.

    What follows is a a childhood marked by neglect and abuse, of which his mother was the main perpetrator, his father idly standing by before eventually divorcing her, leaving Lindsey alone in the house.

    Lindsey thrives in school, he starts a band with his best friend Chrys and finds a passion for theater. Towards the end of his education, Lindsey earns a full ride scholarship to an esteemed german conservatory, but in the process of obtaining it, betrays chrys deeply, who wouldn't find out until much later.

    Lindsey and Chrys, following their Graduation, both run away from home and enjoy their last few weeks of freedom before their continued education, chainsmoking marijuana and camping at dutch beaches.

    The two drive to Frankfurt, where their paths expect to diverge, but Lindsey has other plans. Plagued with guilt, Lindsey confesses to his betrayal. Chrys doesn't forgive him. He expected them not to.

    Feelings of worthlessness and guilt haunt him constantly, only briefly freed of them with a blunt in his mouth or alcohol in his stomach. Thus Lindsey, stuck in Frankfurt, alone, slips into into addiction and remains unheard of for almost a year.

    Worse for wear he once again begs for Chrys' forgiveness, promising to stay clean. Chrys isn't convinced, but still helps Lindsey get back on his feet.

    Another year passes, Lindsey lives across from Chrys, has a job at Starbucks part time and pursuing a degree in german studies. Everything seems to be looking up for Lindsey and things are only getting better when a pretty girl becomes Chrys' new roommate and Lindseys new neighbor.