Name: Klade Jowan
Birthday: 20th June 1998
Zodiac: Gemini
Age: 21
Gender: Male he/him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Religion: None

Height: 174cm
Weight: 64,2kg
Nationality: German
Ethnicity: German/Iranian

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About Klade

Klade is a hot headed but well meaning and kind young man who has, since birth, had all odds stacked against him. Despite this and a bumpy couple of recent years, Klade is ready to make amends with people he’s hurt and to find out the truth about his unusual circumstances.

He is a Restaurant Pianist, a demanding but well paying job he would lose everything without. He lives on the outskirts of the city in a run-down building, but worked tirelessly over two years to make his 1 bedroom apartment a home.


Klades Moral Alignment is Lawful Good. He likes helping people, but gets agitated easily. He doesn't like huge crowds. He loves to cook.


Klade is skinny but toned, wasting away over the course of the story. He can heal his own wounds and even severed limbs by simply laying in the sun, having them regenerate in just a few seconds, making him essentially immortal. His body temperature is the same as that of a person with a high fever (37°C vs 40°C)




Authors Notes



Name Relationship Titles
Shono Best Friends since highschool. Childhood Best Friends
Lindsey 👪 Heavily Dislikes, Lindsey is Klades cousin. Re-Found family
Saturn 👪 Cares extremely deeply about her, Saturn is Klades sister. Favorite Siblings
Hakim Best friends and neighbors, Klade has feelings for him. Curry
Johanna Acquaintances. What's Best For You
Ryan Became friends through online Idol forums. Galaxy Wide Web
Nea Good Friends through Ryan. Planets Apart
Gavin 👪 Complicated, but Klade ultimately dislikes him, Gavin is Klades Father. Sun and Son
Melody 👪 He is conflicted on how to feel about her, Melody is Klades Mother. You're Freezing Cold
Irene Protective of her, friends since highschool, stopped her from killing herself. Merry Christmas