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Gavin Darcy

BIRTHDAY: 5th July 1971
AGE: 48
ZODIAC: Cancer Sun | - Moon | - Rising
GENDER: Male, he/him


HEIGHT: 180cm
WEIGHT: 79kg
ETHNICITY: German/Italian
RELIGION: Catholic


BEHAVIOUR: Hot headed, unempathetic
LIKES: Decorative tile
DISLIKES: Scented candles, Movies

Facts About Gavin!:

  • Oent to Jail
  • He named himself after his brother
  • Trivia:

  • I came up with his design while we watched an Alexander McQueen documentary in class.
  • I akshually have a whole A3 sheet full of different designs for him, but its so bad it must never see the light of day.
  • Backstory

    Gavin was born in a small town south of where our main events take place. He was born to a german business man father and an italian housewife mother, and as the youngest of two siblings: his brother being 10 and his sister being 9. This stark age difference made it difficult for him to connect with them.

    Ever since he could sit upright in a chair he was typing away at the computer, writing programms and learning the inner workings of the machine in his fathers office. As he grew older his parents took him to different doctors to find out what on earth was going on with their child, until several tests determined that he had not only a photographic memory, but an IQ of almost 200. One this was confirmed, he was pushed to learn more and more and to use his skills to help the family. He participated in programming championships, most of them with quite large winning summs, which were more often than not used to pay back shady people his father was involved with.

    Gavin enjoyed the spotlight as the states local prodigiy very little. He ushered through the school system at the speed of light, graduating highschool at barely 13 years old. Without missing a beat he applied to university in the big city to gain some independence from his parents. He started doing multiple courses in not only programming but engineering and chemistry too. For the first time in his life he found a place where he felt like he truly belonged.

    Despite now still only being 14 years old, he was often mistaken for 19 or even 20. Born female, Gavin didn't understand why he wanted to rip the skin off of his body every time he saw himself in a mirror, why his first instinct when standing was to cross his arms to cover his chest, why is own high pitched girly voice agitated him beyond belief, or why "compliments" about his intelligence that highlighted the fact that he was a girl sent shivers down his spine; ,,You're smart for a girl" was the one he heard most often.

    The older he got, the quicker he realized, that at university no one cares how smart you are. People are focused on their own work, they aren't gonna praise you; if anything, they are praying on your downfall. And so Gavin continues his doctorate, hardly needing to study at all. And while the compliments about his Intelligence stopped, more and more of his older classmates started hitting on him, and it didn't take Gavin long to start sleeping with them. Though he would mostly have sex with men, occasionally he would have sex with women as well.

    It would take him until he was 19 years old to come to terms with his Gender Identity, but once he did come to terms with it, he went full steam ahead; Cutting his waist length hair short, starting testosterone, changing his name absolutely everywhere. The name Gavin has been floating in his head for a long time, and with his brother Garett being his biggest inspiration, he was elated to be even more similar to him now. He just as quickly wanted to get top surgery, it was discovered that he was almost 5 months pregnant.

    Too late for an abortion and unaware how the hormones he already took may have messed with the baby, the best that mid 80s doctors could do was tell him to just wait it out, i.e. give birth and hope for the best. As the minimal effects from the testosterone quickly reversed, Gavin spiraled almost completely, barely attending classes and barely leaving his small apartment. But truth was, he was excited for his child, he always wanted to be a parent, and since he was almost done with his doctorate, he was guaranteed a well paying job that could provide for the baby.